Epigenetics and DNA Damage
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Epigenetics and DNA Damage

Miriam Galvonas Jasiulionis, Miriam Galvonas Jasiulionis

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eBook - ePub

Epigenetics and DNA Damage

Miriam Galvonas Jasiulionis, Miriam Galvonas Jasiulionis

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About This Book

Although scientists recognize the role of epigenetic mechanisms in DNA damage response, the complex, mechanistic interplay between chromatin regulation and DNA repair is still poorly understood. Comprehending how these processes are connected in time and space and play out in developmental processes may reveal novel directions for new research and disease treatment.

Epigenetics and DNA Damage, a new volume in the Translational Epigenetics series, offers a thorough grounding in the relationship between DNA Damage, epigenetic modifications, and chromatin regulation. Early chapters address the basic science of DNA damage and its association with various epigenetic mechanisms, including DNA methylation, post-translational histone modifications, histone variants, chromatin remodeling, miRNAs, and lncRNAs. This is followed by a close discussion of DNA damage and epigenetics in metabolism, aging, cellular differentiation, immune function, stem cell biology, and cancer, tying recent research to translational application in disease understanding. Later chapters examine possible epigenetic therapies combining DNA damage induction and epigenetic alteration, as well as instructive chapters on how to analyze DNA damage and epigenetic alterations in new research.

  • Offers a thorough foundation in epigenetics and DNA damage research, as well as informed discussion of evolving research trends, disease findings, and early therapeutics
  • Features chapter contributions from leading international contributors
  • Empowers scientists to apply protocols in DNA damage and epigenetic alteration analysis and experimatation in their own research

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