Introduction to Statistical Investigations
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Introduction to Statistical Investigations

Nathan Tintle, Beth L. Chance, George W. Cobb, Allan J. Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, Jill VanderStoep

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752 pages
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eBook - PDF

Introduction to Statistical Investigations

Nathan Tintle, Beth L. Chance, George W. Cobb, Allan J. Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, Jill VanderStoep

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Introduction to Statistical Investigations, Second Edition provides a unified framework for explaining variation across study designs and variable types, helping students increase their statistical literacy and appreciate the indispensable role of statistics in scientific research. Requiring only basic algebra as a prerequisite, the program uses the immersive, simulation-based inference approach for which the author team is known. Students engage with various aspects of data collection and analysis using real data and clear explanations designed to strengthen multivariable understanding and reinforce concepts.

Each chapter follows a coherent six-step statistical exploration and investigation method (ask a research question, design a study, explore the data, draw inferences, formulate conclusions, and look back and ahead) enabling students to assess a variety of concepts in a single assignment. Challenging questions based on research articles strengthen critical reading skills, fully worked examples demonstrate essential concepts and methods, and engaging visualizations illustrate key themes of explained variation. The end-of-chapter investigations expose students to various applications of statistics in the real world using real data from popular culture and published research studies in variety of disciplines. Accompanying examples throughout the text, user-friendly applets enable students to conduct the simulations and analyses covered in the book.

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