Mechanics of Materials
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Mechanics of Materials

An Integrated Learning System

Timothy A. Philpot, Jeffery S. Thomas

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eBook - PDF

Mechanics of Materials

An Integrated Learning System

Timothy A. Philpot, Jeffery S. Thomas

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The well-regarded materials science textbook, updated for enhanced learning and current content

Mechanics of Materials: An Integrated Learning System, 5th Edition helps engineering students visualize how materials move and change better than any other course available. This text focuses on helping learners develop practical skills, encouraging them to recognize fundamental concepts relevant to specific situations, identify equations needed to solve problems, and engage critically with literature in the field. In this new edition, hundreds of new problems—including over 200 problems with video solutions—have been added to enhance the flexibility and robustness of the course.

With WileyPLUS, this course contains a rich selection of online content and interactive materials, including animations, tutorial videos, and worked problems—many of which are new and expanded in this 5th Edition. An emphasis on critical thinking forms the foundation of Mechanics of Materials in this revised edition. From basic concepts of stress and strain to more advanced topics like beam deflections and combined loads, this book provides students with everything they need to embark on successful careers in materials and mechanical engineering.

  • Introduces students to the core concepts of material mechanics and presents the latest methods and current problems in the field
  • Adds hundreds of new and revised problems, 200+ new video solutions, and over 400 new EQAT coded algorithmic problems
  • Emphasizes practical skills and critical thinking, encouraging learners to devise effective methods of solving example problems
  • Contains updates and revisions to reflect the current state of the discipline and to enhance the breadth of course content
  • Includes access to interactive animations, demonstration videos, and step-by-step problem solutions with WileyPLUS online environment

With added flexibility and opportunities for course customization, Mechanics of Materials provides excellent value for instructors and students alike. Learners will stay engaged and on track, gaining a solid and lasting understanding of the subject matter.

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