The World Today
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The World Today

Concepts and Regions in Geography

Jan Nijman, Michael Shin, Peter O. Muller

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eBook - PDF

The World Today

Concepts and Regions in Geography

Jan Nijman, Michael Shin, Peter O. Muller

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About This Book

In the 8 th edition of this market-leading title, The World Today continues to break new ground in the interpretation and teaching of world regional geography. The text explains the contemporary world's geographic realms in terms of their natural environments and human dimensions in a clear and concise fashion. The authors look at the ways people have organized their living space, adapted to changing social as well as environmental circumstances, and continue to confront forces largely beyond their control, ranging from globalization to climate change.

This book offers an approach to Geography that meshes theoretical concepts with regional realities. The evolving regional content of the chapters in the 8 th edition of The World Today reflects the dynamic nature of the world's geography; the changing and growing number of concepts mirror the progress of the discipline; and the ongoing introduction of new digital features reflects the instructional possibilities of new technologies.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Brief Contents
  5. Contents
  6. Chapter 1: Introduction: World Regional Geography
  7. Chapter 2: The North American Realm
  8. Chapter 3: The Middle American Realm
  9. Chapter 4: The South American Realm
  10. Chapter 5: The European Realm
  11. Chapter 6: The Russian/Central Asian Realm
  12. Chapter 7: The North African/Southwest Asian Realm
  13. Chapter 8: The Subsaharan African Realm
  14. Chapter 9: The South Asian Realm
  15. Chapter 10: The East Asian Realm
  16. Chapter 11: The Southeast Asian Realm
  17. Chapter 12: The Austral Realm
  18. Chapter 13: The Pacific Realm and Polar Regions
  19. Appendix: Metric (Standard International [SI]) and Customary Units and Their Conversions
  20. Glossary
  21. Index
  22. EULA
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