Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013
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Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013

Johnny Tordgeman

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eBook - ePub

Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013

Johnny Tordgeman

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SharePoint 2013 feels like a of fresh air, offering many new features and changes over older versions. Among these new features is a completely revamped search engine. "Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013" is a quick-start guide to creating search-driven applications using the new and exciting features that have revolutionized the SharePoint enterprise search experience.

"Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013" is a fast-paced, practical, hands-on guide to the world of enterprise search in SharePoint 2013. With step-by-step tutorials and real-world examples, this book will give you a head start creating fresh and exciting search-driven applications using SharePoint 2013's new search engine.

"Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013" is an accelerated way to create search-driven applications for SharePoint 2013. By covering the basics first and gradually covering all search related topics, this book will be your guide through the world of SharePoint's enterprise search.

Furthermore, you will learn how to use the powerful feature of Query Rules to create smart conditions that help respond to user's search queries intelligently. We will also discuss how to style search results and make them stand out, how to index external content so it will be searchable using SharePoint's powerful search engine, and how to use the new client side search APIs, which will allow us to take advantage of search in Apps, the new development model for SharePoint 2013.

After reading Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013, you will understand what it takes to create applications that use search as a content provider. Using applications that are based on real world examples and step-by-step tutorials, you'll get hands-on experience in developing search driven applications.


A fast paced, practical guide, filled with code examples and demonstrations of enterprise search using SharePoint 2013.

Who this book is for

This book is written for SharePoint and JavaScript developers who want to get started with SharePoint search and create search-driven applications. The book assumes working knowledge with previous versions of SharePoint and some experience with JavaScript and client side development.

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Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013

Table of Contents

Learning Search-driven Application Development with SharePoint 2013

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About the Author

Johnny Tordgeman is the CTO of E4D Solutions Ltd., a boutique development and consulting firm in Israel. Johnny specializes in architecting enterprise-level solutions built on top of Microsoft's SharePoint platform. Johnny utilizes the latest in web technology and methodology in his solutions, such as HTML5, SPA, and MVC4.
Johnny is the author of MCTS: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Development (70-506) Certification Guide, Packt Publishing, which was published in 2012.
Johnny is a skilled lecturer and a Microsoft-certified trainer and can be found speaking at various conferences, open houses, and user groups.
You can always find Johnny at http://blog.johnnyt.me, on Twitter at @JTordgeman, and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnnytor.

About the Reviewer

Samuel Zuercher [MVP] (SharePoint MVP since 2011) works as a Senior Consultant at Experts Inside, Switzerland, an international company he founded with another SharePoint MVP, Christian Glessner. He has been working with SharePoint since early 2006 and has in-depth knowledge from Version 2.0 onward. He also holds certifications for every SharePoint version ...

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