Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials
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Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials

Rohit Bhat

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eBook - ePub

Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials

Rohit Bhat

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Creating delightful web-based applications backed by complex business logic and intricate workflows is just one of the many things you can easily achieve by leveraging Bonita Open Solution. It is a highly customizable and efficient tool for business process modeling. Bonita Open Solution is a one-stop solution for developing scalable applications with a nifty user management system and easy deployment.

This pragmatic, hands-on guide to developing complex applications is packed with succinct tips and demonstrations of the various aspects of Bonita Open Solution. This book will show you how to make the best use of the Bonita BPM tool, leverage its powerful backend engine, and design business application workflows with ease. By the end of this book, you will be able to develop a complete business process application.

Right from designing web forms to integrating business logic to finally deploying the application on a server, this book takes you through the entire development cycle of an application created using Bonita Open Solution. You will learn about modeling business processes in Bonita, creating customizable web forms, and using connectors, contingencies, and transitions to move forward in the workflow. It also highlights the various page flows available, as well as the ease of use of the drag-and-drop, widget-based modular design of Bonita Studio. After developing the application, you will also learn about the various options for deployment, and the different environments on which it can be deployed.


A practical, intuitive guide for modeling complex business processes as full-scale applications using the ease and power of Bonita Open Solution.

Who this book is for

If you are a business application developer looking forward to model business processes intuitively in a workflow, with various conditions and transitions then this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Java or Groovy is necessary to help you develop these applications. Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript/JQuery will be helpful but not mandatory.

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Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials

Table of Contents

Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials
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What this book covers
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1. Installing and Getting Started with Bonita
Downloading, installing, and launching Bonita Open Solution
Creating a process
Creating a human task
The text variable
Running a process
The user inbox
The process history
The admin view
2. Variable Types and Scope
Pool variables versus step variables
The text variable
The Boolean variable
The integer variable
The float variable
The date variable
The attachment variable
The Java variable
3. Creating and Customizing Web Forms
Input and output widgets in Bonita
The Select widget
The Radio widget
The date-picker widget
Variables required for the widget elements
The Image widget
The Message widget
The Previous and Next buttons
4. Conditions, Contingencies, and Transitions
Conditional appearance of fields
The JavaScript alternative to the contingency feature
Defining conditions on transitions
Passing the message
The call activity
5. Adding Connectors
Types of connectors in Bonita
Bonita connectors
The e-mail connector
The Drools connector
Database connectors
Groovy scripting
Other connectors
Finalizing the web form data
6. Configuring the Page Flow
The inbox view
Entry, view, and overview page flow
User XP options in Studio
Process status in User XP
Externalizing forms
7. Customizing Look and Feel
Customizing web forms
Changing Look'n'feel
Adding Resources to the workflow
Application Look'n'feel
User Experience Look'n'feel
A. Deploying Bonita on a Server
Downloading the Tomcat bundle
Exploring the Tomcat bundle
Starting and shutting Tomcat
Customizing database connections
Changing the configuration files
Bonita login page
Bonita API and adding users into the database

Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials

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Rohit Bhat
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About the Author

Rohit Bhat is a Computer Science graduate from BITS Pilani, India and is currently working as a Software Specialist in Opera Solutions. He has done projects in a variety of fields of technology encompassing Data Mining, Android Apps, Open CV, Swarm Intelligence, Workflow Automation, and Video Conferencing. He has been extensively using Bonita Open Solution for Workflow Automation and Business Process Modeling for a number of clients for his company.
You might find him surfing the Internet for any kind of knowledge and news, or plonked on his bed with a book in his hands. He loves to keep himself abreast of the latest technology and is a gadget freak. He is always ready for a discussion about any topic under the sun. He has a myriad interest in business, startups, entrepreneurship, finance, and current affairs. However, he is always excited to go on trips and tours, especially nature trails and trekking, with a camera around his neck.
Apart from reading, he likes to pen his thoughts and is a freelance blogger, too. He can play the keyboard but wishes he had more time to learn a new instrument. He loves to listen to psychedelic, slow, and alternative rock. You can say "Hi" to him at .
This is his first book as an author. He is, however, a reviewer of Packt's Android Application Programming with OpenCV, published a couple of months ago.

Table of contents

  1. Bonita Open Solution 5.x Essentials
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