Wireframing Essentials
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Wireframing Essentials

An introduction to user experience design

Matthew J. Hamm

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eBook - ePub

Wireframing Essentials

An introduction to user experience design

Matthew J. Hamm

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About This Book

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Designing the user experience (UX) for websites and applications can be an exhilarating and satisfying experience, but it can also be a chaotic and frustrating endeavor. The key to success lies in a thorough understanding of the industry standard design process, and in possessing a firm grasp of effective and proven UX design techniques.

This book is a comprehensive, yet concise, primer for those looking to better understand the core principles of UX design. It illustrates these principles with example projects, warns you of common obstacles, and introduces you to proven methodologies that help facilitate your efforts to find design solutions that work.

This book will put you on the road to becoming a UX designer by teaching you the process and techniques used by design professionals to create world-class applications and websites. This introduction to user experience design will instruct you on the required research and groundwork that will help you cut through the ambiguity commonly experienced when starting a project. It will show you how to turn the results of your research into task flow diagrams and wireframes that will be used to evolve your designs into solutions that will work for all of your customers and users.


An easy to follow, example-based guide introducing you to the world of user experience design through the author's real world experiences

Who this book is for

Whether you are looking to become a professional UX Designer, or just need to get the job done, the principles and processes discussed in this book will help you understand how to craft reliably effective and successful design solutions.

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Wireframing Essentials

An introduction to user experience design

Table of Contents

Wireframing Essentials
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1. The Design Process
A high-level look at the design process
The importance of research
Designing in an agile environment
Information architecture
Introducing flowchart development
Defining the shapes in flowcharts
Transitioning to wireframes
Usability testing
Visual design
Applying the visual layer
2. Example Project – E-commerce Website
Stakeholder interview
Competitive analysis
Weighing and prioritizing features
Information Architecture
Site map
Wireframing pages and content
Home page
Popular wireframing applications
Initial home page wireframe
Refined home page wireframe
Category pages
Product detail page
Shopping cart
Video library page
Reviewing the development efforts
3. Example Project – Mobile Device Application
Stakeholder interview and persona development
Weighing features
Information Architecture
Interaction maps
Our first map
Our refined map
Sketches and mockups
Creating a new account
Finding your team
Joining a team
Your team's home page
Navigation options
Portal navigation
Global navigation
When to remove navigation
The Futbol Finder storefront
Shopping by product category
Usability testing
Presenting our deliverables
4. Research Techniques
Commonly used, effective research techniques
Stakeholder interviews
Design tenet scorecard
Competitive analysis
Personas and user profiles
Creating personas
Heuristic evaluation
Card sorting
Focus groups
User surveys
5. Information Architecture and Visual Design Techniques
Information architecture techniques
Reality mapping
Task flow techniques
Page-level detail diagrams
Site map diagrams
Persona-based task flow diagrams
Screenshot interaction maps
Paper prototyping
Visual design techniques
Mood boards
Design scorecard
Designing in the browser

Wireframing Essentials

An introduction to user experience design

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Matthew J. Hamm
Jeromy Condon
Jerome M. Griffith
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Joanne Fitzpatrick
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About the Author

Matthew J. Hamm has been designing visual solutions and interactive user experiences in the Pacific Northwest since the mid 1990s. Specializing in User Experience (UX) design and Information Architecture (IA), Matthew has been active as a full-time in-house designer, UX consultant, freelance designer, and entrepreneur. This has given him a comprehensive view of the many different venues in which websites and applications are designed.
He has worked for and with clients such as Amazon.com, Atlatl Software, Microsoft, SumTotal Systems, Drugstore.com, Napera Networks, Target.com, ToysRus.com, BabiesRus.com, and Imaginarium.com.
When not designing software, he spends his time with his family in Portland, Oregon. In his spare time, he is a linocut printer and gold panning enthusiast. He also enjoys kayaking the beautiful rivers of the Portland area.

About the Reviewers

Jeromy Condon is a college instructor and freelance web developer based out of Seattle, Washington. He specializes in custom WordPress theme development and design using HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. When he gets a spare moment, he loves to draw, take photographs, and explore the great outdoors.
Professionally, he is a big fan of minimalist, typographic-based design, and mobile user experience study. He teaches web development principles, web graphic design, UX, and web animation at Clover Park Technical College in Tacoma, Washington. He also runs his own freelance web business under the name Rufusmedia, specializing in custom website design and development.
Jerome M. Griffith is a highly motivated graphic designer, web designer/developer, artist, illustrator, and aspiring writer. He has completed many computer graphics, web development, and illustration projects for various clients around USA and in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, where he was born and raised. He has more than 17 years of professional experience working with various print, graphic, and web technologies, including food packaging designs, corporate desktop publishing, website design, and website publishing.
While working full-time as a production specialist in a well-known financial establishment in USA, he is also enrolled full-time as an undergraduate student in a distance learning program pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology-Software Emphasis, with projected graduation in 2016. He is building his portfolio and furthering his career in Information Technology with specialization in web development, UI/UX design, software development, and Java Oracle development.
He holds an Associates degree in Visual Communications-Interactive Design (2001) and has earned the industry-recognized CIW JavaScript Specialist, CIW Web Foundations Associate, and CIW Web Design Specialist Certification (2013). He also holds diplomas in Java E-Commerce Application Development and Oracle 9i SQL Development (2005).
Working under the pen name Jerome Matiyas, in his spare time, he writes and illustrates a series of historical fantasy adventure novels entitled the Epic Adventures of Mekonnen (Mekonnen Epic), thus d...

Table of contents