Learning Karaf Cellar
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Learning Karaf Cellar

Jean-Baptiste Onofre

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eBook - ePub

Learning Karaf Cellar

Jean-Baptiste Onofre

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Apache Karaf is a popular OSGi container that provides rich and broad features, and together with Cellar, you can easily manage farms of containers that provide synchronization between the instances of Karaf. In a real production system, users require a farm of containers to implement failover and scalability, as well as the tools required to provision the different members of a cluster. This book will help you understand the architecture, installation, and configuration of a cluster and teach you about different components and features to get the best out of a clustering solution using Apache Karaf Cellar.

Learning Karaf Cellarstarts with an introduction to some of the key features of Karaf. After a quick but detailed understanding of OSGi and Karaf, this book takes you through the concept of provisioning clusters and then covers what Cellar is and how to use it.


This book is a tutorial written with a step-by-step approach to help you implement an optimum clustering solution in Apache Karaf Cellar quickly and efficiently.

Who this book is for

If you are new to Karaf and want to install and manage multiple Karaf instances by farming or clustering, then this book is for you. If you are a Java developer or a system administrator with basic knowledge of Karaf, you can use this book as a guide. Some background knowledge of OSGi and/or Karaf would be preferred but is not mandatory.

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Learning Karaf Cellar

Table of Contents


Learning Karaf Cellar

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About the Author

Jean-Baptiste Onofré is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and he has been involved in Apache projects for the past 10 years. He is the PMC chair of Apache Karaf and its subprojects, including Cellar, Cave, and EIK.
He is also a PMC member of Apache ACE, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Syncope, and he is a committer for Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Archiva, Apache Aries, Apache Camel, and Apache jClouds.
He is currently working for Talend (http://www.talend.com) as a software architect and is a member of the Talend Apache team.
He writes articles on Java technologies for Linux Magazine France and has worked as a reviewer for Apache ServiceMix How-To, Henryk Konsek, and Learning Apache Karaf, Johan Edstrom, Jamie Goodyear, and Heath Kesler. Both of these books are published by Packt Publishing. He is currently reviewing Apache Karaf Cookbook, Johan Edstrom, Jamie Goodyear, Heath Kesler, and Achim Nierbeck, Packt Publishing.
He has also given speeches about Apache projects (Karaf, Camel, and so on) at different conferences, especially at ApacheCon NA, ApacheCon Europe, and CamelOne.

About the Reviewers

Ladislav Gažo is a computer enthusiast who has been digging into the software world for a long time. He has professional experience of more than 12 years in development and software engineering. While starting experiments with computer graphics and network administration, he realized that the true path is towards the combination of ...

Table of contents

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