Apache Karaf Cookbook
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Apache Karaf Cookbook

Achim Nierbeck, Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstrom, Heath Kesler

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📖 eBook - ePub

Apache Karaf Cookbook

Achim Nierbeck, Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstrom, Heath Kesler

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About This Book

Apache Karaf is more than just an OSGi-based runtime container; it's an ecosystem of open source technologies that makes operating and managing applications easier.

This book starts by covering how to make your deployment more production ready, and then covers many of the most popular Service Oriented Architecture projects that you can integrate into Karaf – these are some of the most sought after developer skills in modern enterprises. The book also delves into transforming Karaf into a JSP host, distributing containers using Apache Karaf Cellar, and providing persistence to your applications. Finally, you'll explore the world of Big Data with Apache Cassandra and Hadoop, setting the stage for your Karaf deployment to handle today's large datasets.

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Apache Karaf Cookbook

Table of Contents

Table of contents

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