The Effective Manager
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The Effective Manager

Mark Horstman, Kate Braun, Sarah Sentes

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eBook - ePub

The Effective Manager

Mark Horstman, Kate Braun, Sarah Sentes

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About This Book

An essential resource for managers at every level of any organization

A management book written by managers for front-line managers, The Effective Manager, 2nd edition, is a concise, practical, and incisive take on what to do and say to get the best results possible from your co-located or remotely distributed team. The book's concrete advice will improve your relationships with your team members, increase your chances of being promoted, and generate trust amongst those you lead.

You'll learn why managing remote teams is so much harder than managing one in a single location and how to meet that challenge head-on. You'll also discover how to introduce your ideas to your team, counter their concerns and pushback, and ensure your instructions are followed.

In the place of vague bromides about being "impactful" or "candid, " you'll get hands-on guidance on how to behave in the situations that managers find themselves in on a daily basis. The authors also offer:

  • Data- and evidence-driven advice that's been proven to work in the real world over the last 30 years
  • Ground-level, real-world tips on getting the best work out of your team without burning them out
  • Four critical manager behaviors that build success: Know your people, talk about performance, ask for more, and push work down

A book for every manager at every level, The Effective Manager shows you what you can do now, today, with your team members to improve their performance, increase personnel retention, and get better results.

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