Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript
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Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

Ken Doman

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Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

Ken Doman

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About This Book

Transform maps and raw data into full-fledged web mapping applications using the power of the ArcGIS JavaScript API and JavaScript libraries

About This Book

  • Create and share modern map applications for desktops, tablets, and mobile browsers
  • Present and edit geographic and related data through maps, charts, graphs, and more
  • Learn the tools, tips, and tricks made available through the API and related libraries with examples of real-world applications

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for intermediate developers who want to design web mapping applications. You should have some experience with geographic information systems, especially with ArcGIS products such as ArcGIS Server. It also helps to have some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What You Will Learn

  • Create single-page mapping applications, lining up data from different sources
  • Search for and display geographic and tabular information based on locations and attributes
  • Customize maps and widgets to deliver the best user experience
  • Present location data intuitively using charts and graphs
  • Integrate mapping applications with your favorite JavaScript frameworks
  • Test the working of your web map application and take advantage of cloud services such as ArcGIS Online
  • Create modern-looking web maps through styling tips and tricks

In Detail

ESRI and its ArcGIS line of software have been an industry leader in digital map production and publication for over 30 years. ArcGIS Server lets you design, configure, and publish maps that can be viewed and edited through the Internet.

After designing basic maps, you may want to find out new and innovative ways to represent information using these maps. In this book, you'll work through practical examples, experiencing the pitfalls and successes of creating desktop and mobile map applications for a web browser using the ArcGIS Server platform.

The book begins by introducing you to ArcGIS Server and ESRI's JavaScript API. You'll work with your first web map and then move on to learn about ESRI's building blocks. A Dojo AMS style widget will help you create your own widgets for a map and then see how to collect geographic data.

Furthermore, you will learn different techniques such as using Dojo Charts to create charts and graphs to represent your data. Then you will see how to use ESRI JavaScript API with other JavaScript libraries and different styling methods to make your map stand out. By the end of the book, you will discover how to make your application compatible with different devices and platforms and test it using testing libraries.

Style and approach

An in-depth guide that explores web application development using ArcGIS Server and the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Topics are explained in the context of developing two applications for fictional clients. Details of application development, including possible pitfalls and best practices, are included in this book.

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Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

Table of Contents

Table of contents

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