Invention to Innovation
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Invention to Innovation

How Scientists Can Drive Our Economy

Dr Larry Marshall, Jenna Daroczy

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eBook - ePub

Invention to Innovation

How Scientists Can Drive Our Economy

Dr Larry Marshall, Jenna Daroczy

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About This Book

Invention to Innovation charts a course for scientists, leaders, investors and policy makers to translate research into growing innovative, competitive companies and industries. With extensive experience and insights gained over three decades, Dr Larry Marshall demonstrates how science can generate new value that grows markets and creates jobs while also delivering social, environmental and economic benefits.

Through a combination of advice, examples and vision, this thought-provoking work shows how Australia's world-class science can navigate across the 'Valley of Death' to become successful innovations and grow our economy. With contributions from leaders in business, research, venture and scientists who have made the leap to become 'scientist CEOs', Invention to Innovation is essential reading for anyone who believes Australia's excellent science deserves a vibrant, globally competitive innovation ecosystem to ensure our sustainable and prosperous future.

Praise for Invention to Innovation:
"The Digital Future has huge potential to unlock new waves of innovation and economic prosperity for all Australians. It's a future where Aussie kids see Aussie scientists and Aussie entrepreneurs solve Australian problems and take them to the world. Larry is passionate about this future for our children, and this book is all about how to make it happen."
Melanie Silva, Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand

"Powered by his extensive scientific entrepreneurship, Dr Larry Marshall shows us how to couple science with innovation to produce prosperity. Human ingenuity is an inexhaustible resource; this book explains how to mine it and refine it into societal value."
Dr Alan Finkel, former Australian Chief Scientist, President of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, Chancellor of Monash University, CEO and Founder of Axon Instruments

"For Australia's budding technology entrepreneurs, [ Invention to Innovation ] is an excellent 'how to' manual, full of practical advice, and offering useful, tangible guidance on how our scientists and entrepreneurs can seize the tremendous opportunities Australia offers."
Michelle Simmons, CEO and Founder of Silicon Quantum Computing and 2018 Australian of the Year

"Few scientists have transitioned to become business leaders, or to create public companies, but Larry Marshall has done just that – and by sharing uncomfortable truths, failures and successes, all anchored by the real life experience of someone who has crossed the Valley of Death more than once, Larry seeks to provide other scientists with the confidence that, they too, can do it."
Catherine Livingstone, AO, former Chair of CSIRO, Commonwealth Bank and Telstra; former President of the Business Council of Australia; and former CEO of Cochlear

"Australia has a proud history of scientific research and industrial innovation. But despite this, we've got a lousy track record of translating this innovation into real impact, especially commercial impact. … We will only succeed if we try. This book is an important first step towards success."
Dr Andrew Forrest, AO, Chairman and Founder of Fortescue Metals Group, Fortescue Future Industries, Minderoo Foundation and Tattarang

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