The History of Bulgaria
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The History of Bulgaria

Frederick B. Chary

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eBook - PDF

The History of Bulgaria

Frederick B. Chary

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This comprehensive overview of the history of Bulgaria covers events in this important Balkan nation from its 9th-century origins in the first Bulgarian Empire through the present day. Now an Eastern European leader in the fields of science and technology, a nation with impressive renewable energy production capabilities and an extensive communication infrastructure, as well as a top exporter of minerals and metals, Bulgaria has grown both economically and politically over the past two decades. The History of Bulgaria examines the country's development, describing its cultural, political, and social history and development over 13 centuries. The modern era is particularly emphasized, including Bulgaria's role in World War II, the long tenure of Communist leader Todor Zhivkov, the role of Aleksandur Stamboliiski and the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union, and the myriad changes in Bulgaria's post-Communist period. The author also highlights significant individuals in Bulgarian history, such as Dimitur Peshev, the Deputy Speaker whose actions saved 50, 000 Jews from the Holocaust.

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