Leading Works on the Legal Profession
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Leading Works on the Legal Profession

Daniel Newman, Daniel Newman

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eBook - ePub

Leading Works on the Legal Profession

Daniel Newman, Daniel Newman

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About This Book

This collection provides an innovative and engaging way of assessing the development of legal profession scholarship and its potential future development by presenting an analysis of the 'leading works' of the discipline. The book was written by prominent and emerging international scholars in the field, with each contributor having been invited to select and analyse a work which has for them shed light on what the legal profession is and what it does. The chapters explore the effect that the chosen work has had upon legal profession scholarship as a whole, both within particular jurisdictions and internationally. Contributors also reflect upon the likely implications of the leading work on the future study of and application to the legal profession. They relate the works to recent and contemporary developments in law and access to justice, such as the rise of technology, impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and issues of funding, to highlight the interpretative value of such scholarship. Presenting an overview and introduction to the field of legal profession research, the collection will be required reading for researchers looking to study any aspect of the legal profession. It will also prove compelling for a wide variety of access to justice and justice system research projects. The book will also appeal to scholars interested in legal ethics.

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