Write Useful Books
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Write Useful Books

A modern approach to designing and refining recommendable nonfiction

Rob Fitzpatrick

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eBook - ePub

Write Useful Books

A modern approach to designing and refining recommendable nonfiction

Rob Fitzpatrick

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About This Book

The goal of book marketing is to stop needing to do it

Learn how to:

  • Scope your book into the world's best solution for a certain type of reader
  • Test, improve, & iterate your ToC without needing to rewrite anything
  • Design a engaging reader experience that makes your book a delight to read
  • Discover the hidden analytics of boredom & confusion to identify book-killing problems & make the most of beta readers
  • Treat marketing as a temporary activity instead of an ongoing obligation by designing a strong recommendation loop
  • Evaluate which of the four seed marketing options are best-suited for your goals, constraints, & skills
  • Write a book that endures & grows for years instead of fading into swift obscurity
  • Boost long-term growth by optimizing your pricing, platforms, & purchase funnel

Most books don't work

Writing a nonfiction book is a wonderful project, allowing you to preserve & share the most important things you've ever learned. Plus, a successful book will improve your reputation, your career, your earnings, & the lives of your readers.

Up until fairly recently, it was possible to receive at least some of these benefits by writing any book, regardless of its quality. But today, a million new titles are published per year and it's no longer enough to simply join the pile. Instead, you must create something that is able to stand out & succeed. And the most reliable path toward that goal - especially for an unproven author who lacks a pre-existing audience - is to write a book so startlingly useful that readers can't stop talking about it.

This guide proposes a different way of planning, writing, & refining nonfiction, drawn from the hard-won lessons of product designers & entrepreneurs. Applied properly, it leads to books that can grow organically via reader recommendations for many years, without relying on either heavy marketing or a large author platform.

The preconceptions about "writing a book" are so deeply entrenched that most authors don't even ask themselves whether a better way exists. Which is crazy, because the normal approach doesn't work! For example:

  • The average NYT nonfiction bestseller loses 95% of its peak sales within a year
  • 70% of traditionally published titles fail to pay out a single dollar in royalties
  • Vanishingly few nonfiction books sell even 500 copies

These are not good results, but it doesn't have to be this way.

By following a more modern approach, my first two books (2013 & 2019) now do more than $150k/year in royalties (and growing). You can do it too. It's not easy, but it is reliable & repeatable. And in the normally hit-driven, feast-or-famine world of writing, there's something to be said for reliability.

What this book is not:

This is

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