Biology and Ecology of Bioluminescent Marine Fishes
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Biology and Ecology of Bioluminescent Marine Fishes

Ramasamy Santhanam

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eBook - ePub

Biology and Ecology of Bioluminescent Marine Fishes

Ramasamy Santhanam

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About This Book

This enlightening new volume details over 200 species of bioluminescent marine fishes along with their biotechnological and therapeutic applications. It delves into the chemistry, diversity, biology, and functions of these fishes.

Bioluminescence, which is a type of chemiluminescence and is a "cold living light, " is seen in a wide variety of organisms from bacteria to fish. The chemicals and circumstances of this phenomenon are used for biotechnological, commercial, and therapeutic applications. Bioluminescence imaging technology has provided valuable means for the monitoring of different biological processes for immunology, oncology, virology, and neuroscience. A new emerging biological technique that combines luminescence with optogenetics involves the use of light to control cells, particularly neurons, in living tissue. Bioluminescence may also be as a potential form of green energy.

The author states that more than 75% of deep-sea creatures (700 marine genera within 16 phyla) have been estimated to possess this phenomenon of bioluminescence. While marine plants do not display bioluminescence, several organisms such as the dinoflagellate, cnidarian, jellyfish, ostracod crustacean, molluscan squids and lantern fish are well known for their luminescence. Bioluminescence is employed by marine organisms mainly to hunt their prey, to defend against predators and in reproduction.

This scientifically comprehensive and well-illustrated book will serve as an essential standard reference for students and teachers as well as marine biologists, fisheries scientists, zoologists, and environmentalists.

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