The Biographical Landscapes of Raphael Lemkin
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The Biographical Landscapes of Raphael Lemkin

Piotr Madajczyk

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eBook - ePub

The Biographical Landscapes of Raphael Lemkin

Piotr Madajczyk

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About This Book

The book is the first biography of Raphael Lemkin to draw on a comprehensive body of research into Lemkin as a person and his background and will be of interest to both non-specialists and academics. Drawing on archival materials, a nuanced description is provided of the ethnically mixed Belarusian-Polish-Jewish border region where Lemkin grew up and which shaped him, clarifying at the same time some of the misinterpretations that have surrounded Lemkin's life.

Lemkin's professional career and intellectual interests up to the time of his flight from Poland after the German aggression of 1939 are exhaustively described. In the latter part of the book, the author poses, among other things, the question of how Lemkin's activities in the United States were influenced by the experience of the first almost 40 years of his life.

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