Economics For Dummies
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Economics For Dummies

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Sean Masaki Flynn

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eBook - ePub

Economics For Dummies

Book + Chapter Quizzes Online

Sean Masaki Flynn

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Learn the basics of economics and keep up to date on our ever-changing economy

Whether you're studying economics in high school or college, or you're just interested in taking a peek into the complexities of how money moves, Economics For Dummies is the go-to reference that transforms complex economic concepts into easy-to-understand reading. With the simple explanations in this book, you'll master key topics like supply and demand, consumer behavior, and how governments and central banks attempt to avoid—or at least ameliorate—business downturns and recessions. Plus, you'll learn what's going on these days with inflation, interest rates, labor shortages, and the Federal Reserve. Studying for an exam? This Dummies guide has your back, with online practice and chapter quizzes to help you get the score you need. It's time to recon econ, the Dummies way.

  • Get a grasp on the unchanging fundamentals of economics
  • Dive into behavioral economics and consumer decision making
  • Learn what drives economic growth and inequality
  • Solidify your knowledge with practice questions and quizzes

Economics For Dummies is an approachable reference book for students, as well as an informative guide for anyone interested in learning more about today's economy.

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For Dummies

Table of contents

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