Developing Sport Expertise
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Developing Sport Expertise

Researchers and Coaches Put Theory into Practice

Damian Farrow, Joseph Baker, Clare MacMahon, Damian Farrow, Joseph Baker, Clare MacMahon

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eBook - ePub

Developing Sport Expertise

Researchers and Coaches Put Theory into Practice

Damian Farrow, Joseph Baker, Clare MacMahon, Damian Farrow, Joseph Baker, Clare MacMahon

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About This Book

The athlete development process spans from initial sport engagement to elite-level performance to effective career transition out of sport. This is a long and complicated process. Identifying and nurturing talent, fine-tuning sport skills, and maintaining high levels of performance over the course of a career requires many thousands of hours of training and, increasingly, the input and support of expert coaches and sport scientists.

In this fully revised and updated new edition of the leading student and researcher overview of the development of sport expertise, a team of world-class sport scientists and professional coaches examine the fundamental science of skill acquisition and explore the methods by which science can be applied in the real-world context of sport performance.

This book surveys the very latest research in skill acquisition, provides a comprehensive and accessible review of core theory and key concepts, and includes an innovative "Coach's Corner" feature in each chapter, in which leading coaches offer insights from elite sport and critique contemporary practice in sport skill development. The third edition of Developing Sport Expertise will be invaluable reading for all researchers and students in the areas of expertise in sport, skill acquisition, motor control and development, sport psychology, or coaching theory and practice.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. List of illustrations
  7. List of contributors
  8. Preface
  9. 1. A very brief introduction to Applied Sport Expertise
  10. 2. Sowing the seeds of success: Specialization, diversification, and early athlete training
  11. 3. The Athletic Skills Model as a foundation for the development of expertise: Creating challenging environments
  12. 4. Coaching for creativity
  13. 5. Predicting athletes’ futures: A necessity with little scientific basis
  14. 6. The expert sports official in research and practice
  15. 7. Developing the expert performance coach
  16. 8. Evaluating coaching expertise
  17. 9. Technology supported coaching
  18. 10. Self-regulated learning in sport practice: Agency, assessment, and actioning
  19. 11. Data informed practice
  20. 12. Perception and pressure: Research and implications
  21. 13. Play with and against!: Insights for the development of decision-making in team sports
  22. 14. Developing technical skill expertise
  23. 15. Female sport expertise through a skill acquisition lens: A key future direction
  24. Index
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