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Mining for Profits with Gold & Silver Stocks

Jeff Clark

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Mining for Profits with Gold & Silver Stocks

Jeff Clark

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How, exactly, does one pick promising mining stocks? It all starts with experience, and veteran analyst Jeff Clark has it in spades. With insights from 16 other industry experts, PAYDIRT is the guide to getting started with mining stocks.

It glistened like only real gold can, that shiny nugget in the bottom of the pan, stirring the prospector in Jeff's late father.

That love for discovering gold and silver quickly transferred to Jeff. At one point the family owned mining claims in California, Arizona, and Nevada, his Dad becoming a prolific prospector.

But, Jeff carved his own path, focused on investing.

After decades as a leading industry analyst and commentator, Jeff has put together the definitive guide to one of the most potentially lucrative corners of the investing world. After all, the criteria used to invest in the Apple's and Amazon's of the world don't apply here.

PAYDIRT, Mining for Profits with Gold & Silver Stocks shows you, through a proven step-by-step method, exactly how to identify potential profitable gold and silver mining stocks, in one of the only arenas where retail investors can still invest like a venture capitalist.

Have you ever played the boardgame Battleship? It's one of many methods used to not just pick potential winners but avoid those with the greatest risk. Even those with no experience in the sector will find Jeff's strategies straightforward, with "tonnes" of resources throughout the book.

In fact, PAYDIRT will have you begin identifying stocks while you're reading. They won't all pass muster, but you'll be told exactly what to do and what to look for in a mining company, written in a text that is both easy and fun to read.

The book does something else usually not often found in how-to manuals. A total of 16 industry experts were interviewed for their input, and their advice is sprinkled throughout. Over 100 excerpts covering everything from why invest in gold and mining stocks and their personal criteria for each stage of company, to when to reject a company and when to take profits. It adds a layer of expertise you frankly won't find compiled elsewhere.

The book is also entertaining, starting with the most terrifying mine the author has ever been in. We hope you're not claustrophobic!

If you want to learn how to pick mining stocks, then follow Jeff's specific and candid guidance that will tell you exactly how to hit PAYDIRT in your portfolio.

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