Communicating Science Clearly
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Communicating Science Clearly

A Self-Help Guide For Students and Researchers

Sharon Ann Holgate

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eBook - ePub

Communicating Science Clearly

A Self-Help Guide For Students and Researchers

Sharon Ann Holgate

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About This Book

This unique self-help guide equips undergraduates, postgraduate students, and early career researchers within the sciences with transferrable communication skills that they can adapt and refer back to as they progress through their careers.

It provides practical guidance on how to best communicate science in a range of different settings. This book facilitates clear and concise communication in both academic scenarios and the workplace. It covers settings ranging from job interviews, through conference presentations, to explaining your research to the general public.

It is illustrated with first-hand experiences, top tips, and "dos and don'ts" to demonstrate best practices. It will also be a valuable guide for established academics who would like a refresher or a guide to new avenues of science communication, such as podcasts.

Key Features:

  • Written by an award-winning professional science journalist and broadcaster with 25 years' experience, including writing for national newspapers, devising and presenting programmes for BBC Radio 4, and being interviewed on radio, TV, video, and podcasts
  • Covers science communication in a broad range of settings including peer-to-peer, to your manager, at job interviews, and during media appearances
  • Includes advice from a range of experts who communicate professionally, including a radio producer, a TV presenter, actors and entertainers, and scientists

Additional video material to accompany this book can be found here:

Sharon Ann Holgate is a freelance science writer and broadcaster. She has presented on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, and presented video podcasts for medical research charity the Myrovlytis Trust. She earned a D.Phil in physics from the University of Sussex, where she was a Visiting Fellow in Physics and Astronomy for nine years. Her articles have appeared in Science, Science Careers, New Scientist, The Times Higher Education Supplement, The Times Literary Supplement, Flipside, E&T, Focus, Physics World, Interactions, Materials World, Modern Astronomer, and Astronomy Now. She was also shortlisted for the radio programme category of the Association of British Science Writers' Awards in 2005, and for the Aventis Prizes for Science Books Junior Prize in 2003. Dr. Holgate was the recipient of the Institute of Physics 2022 William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Medal and Prize for communicating science to a wide variety of audiences and for positive representations of scientists from non-traditional backgrounds. She has also received the Institute of Physics Young Professional Physicist of the Year Award and a Merit Award in the Daily Telegraph Young Science Writer of the Year competition. She is the author of the undergraduate textbook Understanding Solid State Physics, which is currently in its second edition and used as a core text in universities around the world.

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