Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis
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Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis

Wolf-D. Woggon

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eBook - ePub

Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis

Wolf-D. Woggon

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Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis

Direct comparison of enzymatic reactions and corresponding catalytic transformations in the laboratory

Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis covers the most important enzymatic reactions and related catalytic bioorganic reactions using a new approach: Each enzymatic reaction type is compared with organocatalytic, organometallic and other alternative reactions, allowing the reader to understand catalytic reactions in a much-integrated way. For example, in a chapter that describes aldolases corresponding reactions using catalytic antibodies, organocatalytic reagents and metal complexes are discussed.

Written by a well-known expert in the field with more than 30 years of experience in organic and bioorganic chemistry, Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis covers sample topics such as:

  • Enzymatic C-C bond formation using aldolases
  • Claisen-type C-C bond formation involving fatty acid synthases and polyketide synthases
  • Biomimetic cyclisations involving carbenium ions
  • Enzymatic oxidation and C-H activation
  • Dioxygenases and oxidoreductases

With its unique approach, Bioorganic and Enzymatic Catalysis is a valuable source of information for professionals and researchers in academia and industry as well as graduate and PhD students working in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and life sciences.

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