Essentials of Modern Algebra
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Essentials of Modern Algebra

Cheryl Chute Miller

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  1. 356 pages
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eBook - ePub

Essentials of Modern Algebra

Cheryl Chute Miller

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About This Book

This new edition isintended for the undergraduate one or two semester course in modern algebra, also called abstract algebra. It follows a logical path, using the axioms or rules to understand structures such as groups, rings, andfields, and giving the reader examples to help, but leaving many theorems andexamples for them to try. The unique feature of the text is the list of"projects" at the end of each chapter that can be used in the classroom (withstudents solving them), alone, or in groups with the aid of an instructor.Because of their interactive nature, the projects are designed toreinforce previous concepts.


  • A logic-based presentation, with the structures of groups, rings, and fieldspresented in similar ways through objects, sub-objects, mappings betweenobjects, and quotients of objects
  • Follows a fairlystraight path without many of the side areas, such as modules, in order tointroduce Galois Theory and solvability of polynomials
  • Provides numerousexamples, exercises, and the inclusion of "projects" in each chapter
  • Adds more, varied examples touse when illustrating ideas such as order of elements, direct products, andsubgroups
  • Includes new material on thehistory of mathematics with vignettes of mathematicians
  • Provides instructor's resources with solutionsand PowerPoint slides for use as a textbook

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