British Shareholder Meetings in the Long Nineteenth Century
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British Shareholder Meetings in the Long Nineteenth Century

Timothy Alborn, Timothy Alborn

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eBook - ePub

British Shareholder Meetings in the Long Nineteenth Century

Timothy Alborn, Timothy Alborn

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This collection of reported British shareholder meetings originally published between 1800 and 1920 provides scholars and students new insight into the development of big businesses in the world today. Although such meetings comprised only one of many facets of companies' intersections with their publics during the nineteenth century, they regularly provide a rich insight into each industry. This collection offers a breadth of examples, including utilities, land companies, and theatres as well as mining, insurance, banking, and transport, to allow readers to gain a sense of the protean nature of incorporation during the long nineteenth century.

Following a general introduction, the book is divided into four sections: Doing the Business (on day-to-day financial operations), Politics (on corporate activities than intersected with British political and imperial concerns), Failure (on the communication and reception of financial ruin), and Mergers and Acquisitions (on shareholders' responses to proposed mergers). Short introductions to each document provides the necessary information about each company and its constituents. This title will be of great interest to students of History, Business, and Finance.

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