Mastering UX Design with Effective Prototyping
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Mastering UX Design with Effective Prototyping

Turn your ideas into reality with UX prototyping (English Edition)

Apurvo Ghosh

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eBook - ePub

Mastering UX Design with Effective Prototyping

Turn your ideas into reality with UX prototyping (English Edition)

Apurvo Ghosh

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About This Book

The ultimate guide to prototyping for UX design mastery

Key Features
? Utilize interactive prototypes and animations to bring design concepts to life.
? Embrace rapid iteration and testing for a smooth and efficient design journey.
? Prioritize users' needs, preferences, and behaviors, and gather valuable feedback to optimize designs based on real insights.

Prototyping serves as a powerful tool to present ideas to stakeholders and key individuals, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Written with the intention of benefiting those engaged in product or service design and development, this book is designed to cater to a diverse audience of professionals and technology users. Packed with meaningful insights, practical concepts, and engaging hands-on exercises, this book empowers you to craft exceptional digital experiences through the power of iterative prototyping. It expedites the learning process, enabling you to grasp UX prototyping concepts without enduring years of avoidable mistakes and the challenges of traditional learning methods. Moreover, it outlines crucial attributes and effective strategies, including developing market-friendly use cases and adapting solutions to diverse tech or business environments. The book strongly emphasizes user-centered design principles, iterative development, and proficient communication. By mastering the art of prototyping, you can elevate the user experience, mitigate design risks, and successfully deliver products that meet and exceed user expectations.

What you will learn
? Seamlessly incorporate prototyping throughout the design process, ensuring efficient workflows from ideation to development.
? Understand the importance of requirement gathering for prototyping.
? Learn various prototyping techniques and tools, adapting them to project needs.
? Build interactive prototype designs using Figma and Adobe Experience Design (XD).
? Create rapid prototypes for iterative improvements and integrate user testing for valuable insights.

Who this book is for
This book is for current and aspiring students, UI designers, UX designers, interaction designers, information architects, developers, usability engineers, product managers, business analysts, and technical writers.

Table of Contents
1. Fundamentals of Prototyping
2. Process of Prototyping
3. Types and Fidelities of Prototypes
4. Effective Requirement Gathering Techniques
5. Prototyping Your Software Products
6. Exploring Prototyping Tools - Enhancing Design Efficiency and Effectiveness
7. Paper Prototyping
8. Picking the Right Prototyping Tool
9. Prototyping Using XD
10. Prototyping Using Figma
11. Testing Your Prototype
12. Avoiding Common Prototyping Mistakes

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