Digital Freedom
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Digital Freedom

Faizur Rashid, Sadaf Rashid

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eBook - ePub

Digital Freedom

Faizur Rashid, Sadaf Rashid

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About This Book

In the present age of the digital era, the terms digitalization, emerging technologies, and social media have become buzzwords. Among all the innovations in our history, digital technology has advanced the fastest. With the freedom of digitalization, emerging technologies, and high-speed internet, computing devices may now work remotely. Every industry, including banking and finance, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, academia, government sectors, and businesses, has recognized the need for innovative digital technologies for their development, boosting efficiency and speed and cutting costs. Digitalization has also converted non-digital applications into digital ones to make things easier for people, at the same time that social media has an increasingly significant impact on human lives and industries. Consequently, the primary goal of this book is to explain to readers how newly emerging digital technologies and social media have significantly altered and aided in the growth of today's organizations and how the freedom of using these technologies has proved to be beneficial, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the entire world.

This book demonstrates its argument by providing real-world cases from both developed and developing nations, particularly India. The book also investigates how digital transformation may help every industry and organization be more agile and efficient. Readers will learn about the main goals of digital initiatives that have been launched to create a digitally empowered society worldwide. In this book, the benefits and challenges of digitization, digital tools, and other technologies in diverse fields are also examined.

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