Japanese Sentence Practice for JLPT N4
eBook - ePub

Japanese Sentence Practice for JLPT N4

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4

Clay Boutwell, Yumi Boutwell

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eBook - ePub

Japanese Sentence Practice for JLPT N4

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4

Clay Boutwell, Yumi Boutwell

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About This Book

For Upper Beginners of the Japanese language.
Includes FREE Sound Files and an Anki Flashcard Deck (download link found on the last page) Whether you are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or just would like to improve your understanding of Japanese, this book will greatly help you. Working through sentences is an excellent way to improve your overall understanding of Japanese. Doing so offers multiple benefits, including improved reading comprehension, reading speed, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and listening skills. This book presents 100 Japanese sentences with JLPT N4 level grammar and vocabulary.It breaks down all the vocabulary and then quizzes you with fill-in-the-blank and translationexercises.

* 100 N4 Level (Upper Beginner) Japanese Sentences

* Completely defined and broken down

* 100 Sound Files (Free download link found on the last page)

* Fill-in-the-Blank and Translation exercises to thoroughly practice the sentences

* Anki Flashcard Deck (Free download link found on the last page)


We will tackle the 100 sentences in groups of 5 each. Going through a chapter (5 sentences) a day means you'll finish the book in 20 days—less than a month.

Read each sentence, study the literal and more natural English translation, and learn any unknown vocabulary. Listen to the sound files for these five sentences and practice shadowing (repeating or speaking with the speaker). If you find the sentences in this section too easy, start with the exercises in the next section and then come back to look up any unknown word.

Next comes a fill in the blank exercise. Choose the most logical choice for the missing word in the sentence. The answers and explanation is at the end of each chapter.

Lastly, translate the sentences either in your head or on paper.

The goal is not to sprint through all the sentences, but rather to digest each one slowly, gaining a deep understanding of the meaning, sentence structure, and vocabulary involved. Ready to get started? Purchase your copy now.

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