Bosnian Authors in a European Window
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Bosnian Authors in a European Window

A Comparative Study

Keith Doubt

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eBook - ePub

Bosnian Authors in a European Window

A Comparative Study

Keith Doubt

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About This Book

1. The study places the three most important Bosnian writers of the twentieth century incisively and firmly next to three titans of European literature.

2. Drawing upon comparative literature's ethos, the study resists the ethnic autarkies embedded in the secondary literature that currently frame the Bosnian authors.

3. The study opens the door wide to a literary universe, inclusive and comprehensive.

4. Drawing upon Harold Bloom's theory of literary criticism in The Anxiety of Influence, the study shows the profundity of Mak Dizdar's relation to Homer: Homer, as Bloom would say, returns from the dead in Dizdar's modern, existential verse.

5. The study shows how not only Fyodor Dostoevsky but also Meša Selimovi? masterfully dramatize the double-voiced discourse that Mikhail Bakhtin calls heteroglossia: Their narrators' gripping dialogues are enmeshed in another's thoughts.

6. The use of the scapegoat motif in Ivo Andri?'s Bridge on the Drina and the martyr motif in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace reveal a dialectic that structures the drama and pathos of these two historical novels.

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