Electrical Machines and Their Applications
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Electrical Machines and Their Applications

Ali Mehrizi-Sani

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eBook - ePub

Electrical Machines and Their Applications

Ali Mehrizi-Sani

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About This Book

This popular, easy-to-read book offers a comprehensive yet unique treatment of electrical machines and their historical development. Electrical Machines and Their Applications, Third Edition covers an in-depth analysis of machines augmented with ample examples, which makes it suitable for both those who are new to electric machines and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of electric machines.

This book provides a thorough discussion of electrical machines. It starts by reviewing the basics of concepts needed to fully understand the machines, e.g., three-phase circuits and fundamentals of energy conversion, and continues to discuss transformers, induction machines, synchronous machines, dc machines, and other special machines and their dynamics. This natural progression creates a unifying theme and helps the reader appreciate how the same physical laws of energy conversion govern the operation and dynamics of different machine types. The text is sprinkled with ample examples to further solidify the discussed concepts. Several well-placed appendices make the book self-contained and even easier to follow.

This book is part of a series on power system topics originally authored by the late Turan Gönen. The book has been edited by Ali Mehrizi-Sani to bring it up to date while maintaining its original charm. Both new and seasoned readers for Gönen's books will find this new edition a much-awaited update to the second edition.

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CRC Press

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Half-Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication Page
  6. Contents
  7. Chapter 1 Basic Concepts
  8. Chapter 2 Three-Phase Circuits
  9. Chapter 3 Magnetic Circuits
  10. Chapter 4 Transformers
  11. Chapter 5 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles
  12. Chapter 6 Induction Machines
  13. Chapter 7 Synchronous Machines
  14. Chapter 8 Direct-Current Machines
  15. Chapter 9 Single-Phase and Special-Purpose Motors
  16. Chapter 10 Transients and Dynamics of Electric Machines
  17. Appendix A Appendix A
  18. Appendix B Appendix B
  19. Index
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