Mastering Crypto Assets
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Mastering Crypto Assets

Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Beyond

Martin Leinweber, Jörg Willig, Steven A. Schoenfeld

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eBook - ePub

Mastering Crypto Assets

Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Beyond

Martin Leinweber, Jörg Willig, Steven A. Schoenfeld

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About This Book

A definitive, all-encompassing book on digital assets of all types for investors

In Mastering Crypto Assets: Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Beyond, a team of seasoned investors and digital asset strategists presents a comprehensive guide aimed at institutional and professional investors for integrating crypto assets into traditional portfolios. The book offers in-depth explanations of the structure of this new asset class and its impact on investment portfolios.

It guides readers on using fundamental and quantitative criteria to select blockchain-based assets, grounded in a robust foundation of knowledge and evidence. The authors demonstrate how to apply quantitative valuation concepts to digital assets like Bitcoin, understanding their role as digital stores of value in a traditional investment portfolio.

The book also delves into the unique risk and return characteristics of various digital asset sectors, adapting conventional investing methods to the digital realm. It goes beyond direct crypto asset investments, introducing related equities and strategies for accessing digital assets in restricted settings. It discusses both indexed and active strategies in the context of crypto assets.

A key feature of the book is exclusive interviews with industry figures such as Jan van Eck (VanEck), Peter L. Brandt (Legendary Trader), and Fred Thiel (Marathon Digital), with these interviews accessible through QR codes in the book for extended video content. This provides a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Moreover, the book benefits from invaluable research assistance from Figment and CCData, enriching its analytical depth. It also includes insightful guest articles from digital asset experts like Matthew Sigel (VanEck), Marco Manoppo (Digital Asset Research), Marcel Kasumovich (Coinbase Asset Management), Timothy Peterson (Cane Island Digital Research), Gregory Mall and Rohan Misra (AMINA), and thought leaders from Token Terminal.

Mastering Crypto Assets is an invaluable resource not just for institutional and individual investors, but for anyone keen on adopting a sound, evidence-based approach to digital asset investment.

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