Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy
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Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Pavel Tomancak, Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Pavel Tomancak

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eBook - ePub

Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Pavel Tomancak, Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Pavel Tomancak

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About This Book

Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

An indispensable guide to a novel, revolutionary fluorescence microscopy technique!

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy has revolutionized microscopy, since it allows scientists to perform experiments in an entirely different manner and to record data that had not been accessible before. With contributions from noted experts in the fields of physics, biology, and computer science, Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy is a unique guide that offers a practical approach to the subject, including information on the basics of light sheet fluorescence microscopy, instrumentation, applications, sample preparation, and data analysis.

Comprehensive in scope, the book is filled with the cutting-edge methods as well as valuable insider tips. Grounded in real-world applications, the book includes chapters from major manufacturers that explores their recent systems and developments. In addition, the book hightlights a discussion of a "do-it-yourself" light sheet microscope, making the technique affordable for every laboratory.

This important textbook:

  • Serves as an easy-to-understand introduction to light sheet-based fluorescence
  • Includes numerous tips and tricks for advanced practitioners
  • Provides in-depth information on hardware and software solutions for a straightforward implementation of light sheet fluorescence microscopy in the lab
  • Includes chapters from the major manufacturers including Zeiss, Leica, Lavision Biotech, Phase View, and Asi

Aimed at cell biologists, biophysicists, developmental biologists, and neuro-biologists, Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy offers a comprehensive overview of the most recent applications of this microscopy technique.

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