Data Warehouse and Data Mining
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Data Warehouse and Data Mining

Concepts, techniques and real life applications (English Edition)

Dr. Jugnesh Kumar

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eBook - ePub

Data Warehouse and Data Mining

Concepts, techniques and real life applications (English Edition)

Dr. Jugnesh Kumar

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About This Book

Unveiling insights, unleashing potential: Navigating the depths of data warehousing and mining for a data-driven tomorrow

Key Features
? Explore concepts ranging from fundamentals to advanced techniques of data warehouses and data mining.
? Translate business questions into actionable strategies to make informed decisions.
? Gain practical implementation guidance for hands-on learning.

Data warehouse and data mining are essential technologies in the field of data analysis and business intelligence. Data warehouse provides a centralized repository of structured data and facilitates data storage and retrieval. Data mining, on the other hand, utilizes various algorithms and techniques to extract valuable patterns, trends, and insights from large datasets.The book explains the ins and outs of data warehousing by discussing its principles, benefits, and components, differentiating it from traditional databases. The readers will explore warehouse architecture, learn to navigate OLTP and OLAP systems, grasping the crux of the difference between ROLAP and MOLAP. The book is designed to help you discover data mining secrets with techniques like classification and clustering. You will be able to advance your skills by handling multimedia, time series, and text, staying ahead in the evolving data mining landscape.By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently translate business questions into actionable strategies, extracting valuable insights for informed decisions.

What you will learn
? Designing and building efficient data warehouses.
? Handling diverse data types for comprehensive insights.
? Mastering various data mining techniques.
? Translating business questions into mining strategies.
? Techniques for pattern discovery and knowledge extraction.

Who this book is for
From aspiring data analysts, data professionals, IT managers, to business intelligence practitioners, this book caters to a diverse audience.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Data Warehousing
2. Data Warehouse Process and Architecture
3. Data Warehouse Implementation
4. Data Mining Definition and Task
5. Data Mining Query Languages
6. Data Mining Techniques
7. Mining Complex Data Objects

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