Mastering Snowflake Platform
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Mastering Snowflake Platform

Generate, fetch, and automate Snowflake data as a skilled data practitioner (English Edition)

Pooja Kelgaonkar

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eBook - ePub

Mastering Snowflake Platform

Generate, fetch, and automate Snowflake data as a skilled data practitioner (English Edition)

Pooja Kelgaonkar

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About This Book

Embark on the data journey with the ultimate guide to Snowflake mastery

Key Features
? Learn about Snowflake cloud-based data architecture and its basics.
? Learn and implement Snowflake's unified features with use cases.
? Design and deploy robust enterprise data architectures with Snowflake.

Handling ever evolving data for business needs can get complex. Traditional methods create bulky and costly-to-maintain data systems. Here, Snowflake emerges as a cost-effective solution, catering to both traditional and modern data needs with zero or minimal maintenance costs.This book helps you grasp Snowflake, guiding you to create complete solutions from start to finish. The starting focus covers Snowflake architecture, key features, native loading and unloading capabilities, ANSI SQL support, and processing of diverse data types and objects. The next part utilizes acquired knowledge to look into implementing data security, governance, and collaborations, utilizing Snowflake's features like data sharing and cloning.The final part explores advanced topics, including streams, tasks, performance optimizations, cost efficiencies, and operationalization with automated monitoring. Real-time use cases and reference architectures are provided to assist readers in implementing data warehouse, data lake, and data mesh solutions with Snowflake.

What you will learn
? Introduction to Snowflake and its three-layered architecture.
? Understand Snowflake's native features.
? Understand the different types of data workloads and their architecture designs
? Implement query and cost performance optimization using Snowflake native services.
? Introduction to Snowflake's advanced features like dynamic and event tables.
? Snowflake's capabilities with extended support to implement large language models.

Who this book is for
This book is for data practitioners, data engineers, data architects, or every data enthusiast who is keen on learning Snowflake. It does not need any prior experience, however, it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of cloud computing, data concepts and basic programming skills.

Table of Contents
1. Getting Started with Snowflake
2. Three Layered Architecture
3. Data Types, Data Objects and SQL Commands
4. Data Loading and Unloading
5. Understanding Streams and Tasks
6. Understanding Snowpark
7. Access Control and Managing Users Roles
8. Data Protection and Recovery
9. Snowflake Performance Optimization
10. Understanding Snowflake Costing and Utilizations
11. Implementing Cost Optimizations
12. Data Sharing
13. Data Cloning
14. Understanding Snowsight
15. Programming Connectors and Drivers
16. Workload Patterns with Snowflake
17. Introduction to Snowflake's Advance Features

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