Principles of Sustainable Aquaculture
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Principles of Sustainable Aquaculture

Promoting Social, Economic and Environmental Resilience

Stuart W. Bunting

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eBook - ePub

Principles of Sustainable Aquaculture

Promoting Social, Economic and Environmental Resilience

Stuart W. Bunting

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About This Book

This book provides an introduction to sustainable aquaculture practices, focusing on how we develop social, economic and environmental resilience.

Aquaculture has seen phenomenal worldwide growth in the past 50 years, and many people view it as the best solution for the provision of high-quality protein to feed the world's growing population. This new edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect new developments in the field and includes new case studies. Focusing on developing more sustainable aquaculture practices and aquatic food systems, the book provides a toolbox of approaches to support widespread adoption and appropriate adaptation of regenerating aquaculture strategies, ensuring that it has practical relevance for both students and professionals. Drawing on a range of case studies from around the world, the book shows where progress, in terms of developing ecologically sound and socially responsible forms of aquaculture, has been made. The book is based on extensive evidence and knowledge of best practices, with guidance on appropriate adaptation and uptake in a variety of environmental, geographic, socio-economic and political settings. Concentrating on low-impact aquaculture systems and approaches, which have minimal adverse effects on the environment, the book also emphasizes socially responsible and equitable aquaculture development to enhance the natural resource base and livelihoods.

Principles of Sustainable Aquaculture is essential reading for students and scholars of aquaculture, fisheries, marine and water resource governance, and sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems more broadly. It will also be of interest to professionals working in the aquaculture and fisheries industries.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Endorsements
  4. Series Page
  5. Title Page
  6. Copyright Page
  7. Contents
  8. Preface
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. 1 Introduction
  11. 2 Resource-conserving and agroecosystem-enhancing aquaculture
  12. 3 Equitable aquaculture development
  13. 4 Sustainable coastal and marine aquaculture
  14. 5 Sustainable rural aquaculture
  15. 6 Sustainable urban and peri-urban aquaculture
  16. 7 Enhancing prospects for sustainable aquaculture development
  17. 8 Promoting an enabling environment
  18. Index
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