Dawn of Labor
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Dawn of Labor

Nohae Park, Cheehyung Harrison Kim,Brother Anthony

  1. 280 pages
  2. English
  3. PDF
  4. Available on iOS & Android
eBook - PDF

Dawn of Labor

Nohae Park, Cheehyung Harrison Kim,Brother Anthony

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Table of contents

  1. Contents
  2. Note on Romanization, Translation, and Glossary
  3. PART I Our Love, Our Unrelenting Life
  4. Heaven
  5. No Way to Stop
  6. A Newlywed’s Diary
  7. Made for Each Other
  8. While I Mend the Bedding
  9. How Much?
  10. Where Will We Go?
  11. The Han River
  12. Longing
  13. The Bar Wagon
  14. Garibong Market
  15. Calling for Fingerprints
  16. English Conversation
  17. Off to Rot
  18. Record of My Journey with Men
  19. Incomprehensible Tales
  20. Becoming Wise
  21. PART II Dawn of Labor
  22. Bargain Sale
  23. The Dream of an Apprentice
  24. Spring
  25. Sleepiness
  26. Working on Sunday
  27. A Hand Grave
  28. Maybe
  29. When I Give You Up
  30. A Real Worker
  31. For a Peaceful Evening
  32. Dawn of Labor
  33. No Other Way
  34. Sunset
  35. PART III For a New Land
  36. Love
  37. The Wind to the Stones
  38. Searching for Food
  39. Confrontation
  40. A Song about Leaving
  41. Am I Drifting?
  42. Samcheong Reeducation Camp I
  43. Mother
  44. A Beautiful Confession
  45. I Am Nothing Special
  46. Walls
  47. Illusions
  48. Dawn of Labor in Korean
  49. Glossary
  50. The Worker-Poet in Mass Culture
  51. Poet Militant, Poet Inspirational
  52. About Park Nohae
  53. About the Translators and Contributor
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