Evolution and Psychology
eBook - ePub

Evolution and Psychology

Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton

  1. 496 pages
  2. English
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eBook - ePub

Evolution and Psychology

Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton

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About This Book

Evolution and Psychology is a critical exploration of how evolutionary approaches can be used to understand the human mind and behaviour. Written for undergraduate students in the social sciences, this text provides an accessible introduction to foundational concepts in evolutionary biology. It then explores evolutionary perspectives on key psychological topics such as cognition, development, group dynamics, mate choice, language and communication, psychopathology, and culture. An interdisciplinary approach is woven throughout, integrating evolutionary psychology with insights from behavioural ecology, anthropology, genetics, and neuroscience. You will learn to think critically about evolutionary explanations, with Warning Flag features throughout the text that address frequently misunderstood topics, common fallacies, and historical misuses and abuses of applying evolutionary theory to human behaviour. This is an essential read for students of Evolutionary Psychology and anyone looking for a contemporary overview of this complex and captivating field. Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton is Professor of Psychology at Western University.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents
  6. Illustration List
  7. Table List
  8. List of Warning Flags
  9. Online Resources
  10. About the Author
  11. Preface
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. Part I Foundations
  14. 1 Introduction to Evolution and Human Behaviour
  15. 2 Natural and Sexual Selection
  16. 3 Human Origins
  17. 4 Evolutionary Approaches to the Study of Human Behaviour
  18. 5 Development as a Central Process
  19. Part II Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Social Behaviour
  20. 6 Reproductive Behaviour and Mate Choice
  21. 7 Social Development and Kin-Directed Behaviour
  22. 8 Families and Groups: Cooperation and Conflict
  23. Part III Evolutionary Perspectives on Cognition
  24. 9 Perception and Action
  25. 10 Evolution and Cognition
  26. 11 Language
  27. Part IV Evolutionary Perspectives on Psychopathology, Motivation and Emotion, Individual Differences, and Culture
  28. 12 Evolution and Psychopathology
  29. 13 Motivation, Emotion, and Individual Differences
  30. 14 Culture and Evolution
  31. Glossary
  32. References
  33. Index