Between Dust and Wind
eBook - ePub

Between Dust and Wind

Christopher Carter

  1. 52 pages
  2. English
  3. ePUB (mobile friendly)
  4. Available on iOS & Android
eBook - ePub

Between Dust and Wind

Christopher Carter

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About This Book

A lack of exposure discourages many from reading poetry. Between Dust and Wind presents this literary form in a simple, digestible way. The simple, one-entry-a-day approach is aimed at helping the reader acquire a taste for poetry. As they walk through this work, they'll find they've not only picked up a liking for poetry, but they may even find their own lives impacted and enhanced in the process.

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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Rediscovering Poetry
  3. Poetry as Truth-teller
  4. before
  5. where
  6. sight
  7. law
  8. reward
  9. serve
  10. eat
  11. nothing
  12. groan
  13. name
  14. friend
  15. wave
  16. Elijah
  17. son
  18. manna
  19. image
  20. Lazarus
  21. footprints
  22. whisper
  23. burn
  24. forsaken
  25. me
  26. invitation
  27. heard
  28. thrown
  29. baptism
  30. fire
  31. seeds
  32. sand
  33. dance
  34. snow