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Learning Cython Programming - Second Edition
Learning Cython Programming - Second Edition

Learning Cython Programming - Second Edition

Philip Herron
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110 pages
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Learning Cython Programming - Second Edition

Philip Herron
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About This Book

Learn the fundamentals of Cython to extend the legacy of your applications

About This Book

  • Learn how to extend C applications with pure Python code
  • Get more from Python – you'll not only learn Cython, you'll also unlock a greater understanding of how to harness Python
  • Packed with tips and tricks that make Cython look easy, dive into this accessible programming guide and find out what happens when you bring C and Python together!

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers who are familiar with the basics of C and Python programming and wish to learn Cython programming to extend their applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Reuse Python logging in C
  • Make an IRC bot out of your C application
  • Extend an application so you have a web server for rest calls
  • Practice Cython against your C++ code
  • Discover tricks to work with Python ConfigParser in C
  • Create Python bindings for native libraries
  • Find out about threading and concurrency related to GIL
  • Expand Terminal Multiplexer Tmux with Cython

In Detail

Cython is a hybrid programming language used to write C extensions for Python language. Combining the practicality of Python and speed and ease of the C language it's an exciting language worth learning if you want to build fast applications with ease.

This new edition of Learning Cython Programming shows you how to get started, taking you through the fundamentals so you can begin to experience its unique powers.

You'll find out how to get set up, before exploring the relationship between Python and Cython. You'll also look at debugging Cython, before moving on to C++ constructs, Caveat on C++ usage, Python threading and GIL in Cython. Finally, you'll learn object initialization and compile time, and gain a deeper insight into Python 3, which will help you not only become a confident Cython developer, but a much more fluent Python developer too.

Style and approach

This practical and a fast-paced guide gives you all the information you need to start programming using Cython.

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Programming in Python

Table of contents