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Odoo 11 Development Cookbook
Odoo 11 Development Cookbook

Odoo 11 Development Cookbook

Holger Brunn, Alexandre Fayolle, Yannick Vaucher
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470 pages
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Odoo 11 Development Cookbook

Holger Brunn, Alexandre Fayolle, Yannick Vaucher
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Table of contents

About This Book

Create fast and efficient server-side applications using the latest features of Odoo v11

Key Features

  • Get the most up-to-date guide on Odoo 11 to create custom and reusable modules
  • Interconnect your application with other systems by implementing web APIs
  • Understand the mechanisms powering the Odoo framework to build robust enterprises

Book Description

Odoo is a full-featured open source ERP with a focus on extensibility. The flexibility and sustainability of open source are also a key selling point of Odoo. It is built on a powerful framework for rapid application development, both for back-end applications and front-end websites. Version 11 offers better usability and speed: a new design (as compared to the current Odoo Enterprise version) and a mobile interface.

The book starts by covering Odoo installation and administration and Odoo Server deployment. It then delves into the implementation of Odoo modules, the different inheritance models available in Odoo. You will then learn how to define access rules for your data; how to make your application available in different languages; how to expose your data models to end users on the back end and on the front end; and how to create beautiful PDF versions of your data.

By the end of the book, you will have a thorough knowledge of Odoo and will be able to build effective applications by applying Odoo development best practices

What you will learn

  • Install and manage Odoo environments and instances
  • Use models to define your application's data structures
  • Add business logic to your applications
  • Add automated tests and learn how to debug Odoo apps
  • Learn about the access security model and internationalization features
  • Customize websites built with Odoo, by writing your own templates and providing new snippets for use in the website builder
  • Extend the web client with new widgets and make RPC calls to the server

Who this book is for

If you're a Python developer and want to develop highly efficient business applications with the latest Odoo framework (or if you just want a hands on problem solution book for all your Odoo Development related issues), this book is for you! Some experience with the JavaScript programming language and web development is required to get the most out of this book.

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Table of contents