Open All Night
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Open All Night

Charles Bukowski

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Open All Night

Charles Bukowski

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These 189 posthumously published new poems take us deeper into the raw, wild vein of Bukowski's that extends from the early 1980s up to the time of his death in 1994.

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I am not sure of our exact ages
when we met
(perhaps 9 or 10)
but Moses was one of my first real
Jewish and very quiet
and my second real friend was
he had one healthy arm
and part of another:
the lower part of his right
arm was a pure white enamel with a
brown leather glove
over the artificial fingers.
Moses vanished first.
my father informed me about him:
he pointed to a garage down the street
a large white and yellow structure
with sagging doors:
“your friend Moses was caught in there
doing something to a 5-year-old
girl. they got him.”
Red’s friendship was more durable.
we went swimming together all summer in the public
pool. he had to remove his artificial arm
as he splashed about with his arm-and-a-
half, the short arm ending just below
the elbow. it looked like it had
tiny nipples on the end of it
or maybe
it looked like tiny fingers.
the other boys teased him about his
half-arm and his tiny fingers
but I was a very mean lad
and I told them
in terms most definite
that the pool belonged to
and to let him
or else.
sometimes this brought us trouble later:
a gang would follow us home
to his house or mine and
more than once
standing outside
they’d scream at us
until we came out
and met them on the front
I wasn’t as good as Red.
he was very good with his pure white arm
with the brown glove,
it was usually around 4 or 5
against 2
but Red simply clubbed them down
one after another
swinging that hard arm
I’d hear the sound of it against
and there would be boys down on the lawn
holding their heads
and this only made me meaner
and I’d get one or two of my
and soon everybody but Red and
myself would have vanished off the
we went swimming in the public pool
more and more often.
there always seemed to be new boys
always more new boys
who couldn’t quite grasp
how it worked.
they just didn’t understand that we only
wanted to swim and be left
harking back to
I’m not so sure
but in a way
he must have been
missing some parts
we never saw him again
but his mother sure could
I remember all those delicious
cooking smells throughout the
I never saw Red’s mother cooking
we must have been 14 or 15
and we sat in this movie house
and here came this blonde on the screen
with pale empty eyes
and my friend elbowed me and said,
“Jesus, Hank, look at her lips!
look how moist those lips are!
I want to kiss those lips!
“Jesus, man,” I said, “shut
all the guys around us could hear
“I’m in love!” he said.
“God damn,” I said, “shut up
or I’ll punch you!”
I didn’t like blondes: their skin
was like ivory and they always
looked like they were about to
“it’s her lips,” he said, “oh,
shit, it’s those lips! look at
them! just to kiss those
the blonde was fallin...

Table of contents

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