The Odyssey of Homer
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The Odyssey of Homer

Richmond Lattimore

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eBook - ePub

The Odyssey of Homer

Richmond Lattimore

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Homer's great epic The Odyssey —one of Western literature's most enduring and important works—translated by Richmond Lattimore

A classic for the ages, The Odyssey recounts Odysseus' journey home after the Trojan War—and the obstacles he faces along the way to reclaim his throne, kingdom, and family in Ithaca.

During his absence, his steadfast and clever wife, Penelope, and now teenaged son, Telemachus, have lived under the constant threat of ruthless suitors, all desperate to court Penelope and claim the throne. As the suitors plot Telemachus' murder, the gods debate Odysseus' fate. With help from the goddess Athena, the scattered family bides their time as Odysseus battles his way through storm and shipwreck, the cave of the Cyclops, the isle of witch-goddess Circe, the deadly Sirens' song, a trek through the Underworld, and the omnipresent wrath of the scorned god Poseidon.

An American poet and classicist, Richmond Lattimore's translation of The Odyssey is widely considered among the best available in the English language. Lattimore breathes modern life into Homer's epic, bringing this classic work of heroes, monsters, vengeful gods, treachery, and redemption to life for modern readers.

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NOTE. In the spelling of names, I have followed the same practice as in my translation of the Iliad. Mostly, I have simply transliterated the Greek, as for instance Agelaos, not Agelaus. In some cases, however, I have made exceptions and followed familiar usage; and sometimes I have simply translated (Dawn, Graces). The exceptions to my normal practice are: Achaians, Apollo, Argives, Athens, Circe, Crete, Cyclopes, Cyprus, Danaans, Dawn, Dorians, Egypt, Elysian Field, Graces, Hades, Helen, Hermes, Jason, Lotus-Eaters, Ocean, Penelope, Phoenicia and Phoenicians, Priam, Roving Rocks, Sicilians, Sirens, Thrace, Trojans, Troy.
This glossary is not an index, but gives at least one reference for each name. Reference are to book and line.
The most general term for “Greeks,” including the people of Ithaka, i.90; ii.7, etc.
River in the land of the dead, x.514.
The great hero of the Iliad, whose ghost talked to Odysseus, xi.467, etc.
Handmaid of Helen, iv.122.
Leader of the expedition against Troy, murdered by Aigisthos, i.30; iii.143, etc.
Son of Damastor, a suitor, xx.321, etc.; killed by Odysseus, xxii.293.
Circe's island, x.135.
Father of Peleus, grandfather of Achilleus, xi.471, 538.
(1) Son of Telamon, who quarreled with Odysseus over the armor of Achilleus, xi.469, etc.; (2) son of Oïleus, drowned by Poseidon, iv.499-510.
Brother of Circe, x.137; xii.70.
City in Achaia, favored by Poseidon, v.381.
Son of Thyestes, lover of Klytaimestra and murderer of Agamemnon, killed by Orestes, i.29; iii.194, etc.
Elder of Ithaka, father of Eurynomos, ii.15.
The river of Egypt, the Nile, xiv.257.
The island of Aiolos (1), x.1.
(1) Mortal king in charge of the winds, x.1; (2) father of Kretheus, xi.237.
Son of Tyro and Kretheus, xi.259.
The Ethiopians, a distant people visited by Poseidon, i.22; v.282, etc.
Name assumed by Odysseus in conversation with Penelope, xix.183.
Country in central Greece, xiv.379.
A king in western Greece, xiv.336.
A Phaiakian, viii.111.
Maid of Penelope, xxiii.228.
A Spartan, whose daughter married Megapenthes, iv.10.
Lady of Thebes in Egypt, wife of Polybos (2), iv.126.
Father of Mentor, xxii.234.
King of the Phaiakians, vi.12; vii.185, etc.
Handmaid of Helen, iv.124.
Son of Amphiaraos, xv.248.
Mother of Herakles, ii.120; xi.266.
Husband of Iphimedeia, putative father of Otos and Ephialtes, xi.305.
River in the western Peloponnese, iii.489.
City of unknown location from which Odysseus pretended to have come, xxiv.304.
A place in Crete, xix.188.
A Phaiakian, winner in jumping, viii.114; 128.
Son of Oïkles and grandfather of Theoklymenos. He was one of the seven against Thebes, xv.244-247.
Son of Amphiaraos, xv.248.
One of th...

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