Current Trends in Narratology
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Current Trends in Narratology

Greta Olson, Greta Olson

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eBook - PDF

Current Trends in Narratology

Greta Olson, Greta Olson

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Current Trends in Narratology offers an overview of cutting-edge approaches to theories of storytelling. The introduction details how new emphases on cognitive processing, non-prose and multimedia narratives, and interdisciplinary approaches to narratology have altered how narration, narrative, and narrativity are understood. The volume also introduces a third post-classical direction of research ? comparative narratology ? and describes how developments in Germany, Israel, and France may be compared with Anglophone research. Leading international scholars including Monika Fludernik, Richard Gerrig, Ansgar Nünning, John Pier, Brian Richardson, Alan Palmer, and Werner Wolf describe not only their newest research but also how this work dovetails with larger narratological developments.

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Table of contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Part I Narrative and the Mind
  4. Part II Transmedial, Transgeneric, and Interdisciplinary Narrative Study
  5. Part III Local and National Approaches in Diachronic Perspective: Towards a Comparative Narratology
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