Easy Learning French Vocabulary
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Easy Learning French Vocabulary

Collins Dictionaries

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eBook - ePub

Easy Learning French Vocabulary

Collins Dictionaries

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About This Book

Designed for learners of French of all ages, whether you are learning at school, in an evening class, for business or to go on holiday.

• Easy to use: gives you all the words you need in order to communicate effectively in natural French.

• Easy to read: specially designed for eReaders, including iPad, with a clear, colour layout. Handy vocabulary sections ensure that you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

• Easy to understand: example phrases show you how French is really used.

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supplementary vocabulary
The vocabulary items in the following section have been grouped under parts of speech rather than topics because they can apply in a wide range of circumstances. Use them just as freely as the vocabulary already given.
What is a conjunction?
A conjunction is a word such as and, but, or, so, if and because, that links two words or phrases, or two parts of a sentence, for example, Diane and I have been friends for years; I left because I was bored.
alors que while
aussi … que as … as
avant de + infinitive before
car because
cependant however
c’est-à-dire that is to say
comme as
comment how
depuis que since
dès que as soon as
donc so; then
et and
et alors? so what!
lorsque when
maintenant que now (that)
mais but
ne … que only
ni … ni neither … nor
or now
ou or
ou … ou either … or
ou bien or
parce que because
pendant que while
pourquoi why
pourvu que + subj provided that, so long as
puisque since, because
quand when
que that; than
si if
sinon otherwise
tandis que whilst
tant que so long as
vu que in view of the fact that
What is an adjective?
An adjective is a ‘describing’ word that tells you more about a person or thing, such as their appearance, colour, size or other qualities, for example, pretty, blue, big.
abordable affordable
abrégé(e) s...

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