New Essays on Pareto's Economic Theory
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New Essays on Pareto's Economic Theory

Luigino Bruni,Aldo Montesano

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eBook - ePub

New Essays on Pareto's Economic Theory

Luigino Bruni,Aldo Montesano

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About This Book

Pareto's Manual of Political Economy, first published in 1905, introduced the analytical approach which has characterised a significant part of twentieth century economic theory. In particular, the Manual examined the ordinal representation of the individual choice, the issue of the general economic equilibrium and the Pareto optimality criterion for evaluating economic efficiency. The Manual also contained analyses of production, non-linear prices, non-competitive markets and the competition process, which have not yet been fully developed in modern mainstream economics.

Based on Pareto's groundbreaking 'Manuale di Economia Politica', this edited collection brings together a selection of essays from some of the most authoritative scholars of Pareto, who discuss the relevance of Pareto's economics in the context of the present theoretical debate.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. List of illustrations
  5. List of contributors
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 Pareto’s methodological project
  8. 2 Pareto and contemporary economic theory
  9. 3 Choice, preference and rationalizability in Pareto’s theory of economic behaviour
  10. 4 Walras and Pareto on the meaning of the solution concept in general equilibrium theory
  11. 5 Equilibrium without prices: a central issue in Pareto’s Manuale
  12. 6 Pareto’s influence on modern economics
  13. 7 Vilfredo Pareto and contemporary economics: social equilibrium, fiscal decentralisation and economic growth
  14. 8 An analytical–epistemological reconstruction of the genesis of Pareto’s Manuale di Economia Politica
  15. 9 Pareto on Ricardo and Bastable’s comparative costs
  16. 10 The Paretian theory of ophelimity in closed and open cycles
  17. 11 Order of consumption and measurability of utility