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Suzan-Lori Parks

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Suzan-Lori Parks

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Suzan-Lori Parks continues her examination of black people in history and stage through the life of the so-called "Hottentot Venus," an African woman displayed semi-nude throughout Europe due to her extraordinary physiognomy; in particular, her enormous buttocks. She was befriended, bought and bedded by a doctor who advanced his scientific career through his anatomical measurements of her after her premature death.

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Scene 1: Final Chorus
The Negro Resurrectionist
I regret to inform you that thuh Venus Hottentot iz dead.
The Negro Resurrectionist
There wont be inny show tuhnite.
The Venus
Miss me Miss me Miss me
The Grade-School Chum
Exposure iz what killed her
nothin on in our cold weather.
The Negro Resurrectionist
23 days in uh row it rained.
The Baron Docteur
I say she died of drink.
The Negro Resurrectionist
It was the cold I think.
The Venus
Hear ye hear ye hear ye
thuh Venus Hottentot iz dead.
There wont be inny show tuhnite.
The Grade-School Chum
I know yr dissuhpointed.
I hate tuh let you down.
Gimmie gimmie back my buck!
The Venus
I come from miles and miles and miles and miles
The Negro Resurrectionist
The Chorus of the 8 Human Wonders
Turn uhway
dont look
cover yr face
cover yr eyes.
Drum Drum Drum Drum.
Hur-ry Hur-ry Step in Step in.
Thuh Venus Hottentot iz dead.
The Venus
Tail end of the tale for there must be uh end
is that Venus, Black Goddess, was shameless, she sinned or
completely unknowing thuh Godfearin ways, she stood
showing her ass off in her iron cage.
When Death met Love Death deathd Love
and left Love tuh rot
au naturel end for thuh Miss Hottentot.
Loves soul, which was tidy, hides in heaven, yes, thats it
Loves corpse stands on show in museum. Please
The Negro Resurrectionist
A Scene of Love:
The Venus
Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me Kiss
End of Play
A Glossary of Medical Terms
Annular ligament—a large muscle in the wrist
Atlas—the part of the spine that supports the head
Attolens and Attrahens Aurem—the muscles of the ear
Avoirdupois—personal weight
Axilla—the armpit
Calvarium—the skull lacking the lower jaw...

Table of contents