Four Futures
eBook - ePub

Four Futures

Life After Capitalism

Peter Frase

  1. 160 pages
  2. English
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eBook - ePub

Four Futures

Life After Capitalism

Peter Frase

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About This Book

"It is easier to imagine the end of the world, " the theorist Fredric Jameson has remarked, "than to imagine the end of capitalism." Jacobin Editor Peter Frase argues that technological advancements and environmental threats will inevitably push our society beyond capitalism, and Four Futures imagines just how this might look. Extrapolating possible futures from current changes the world is now experiencing, and drawing upon speculative fictions to illustrate how these futures might be realized, Four Futures examines communism, rentism, socialism, and exterminism-or in other words, the socialisms we may reach if a resurgent Left is successful and the barbarisms we may be consigned to if those movements fail.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Halftile Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction: Technology and Ecology as Apocalypse and Utopia
  7. 1. Communism: Equality and Abundance
  8. 2. Rentism: Hierarchy and Abundance
  9. 3. Socialism: Equality and Scarcity
  10. 4. Exterminism: Hierarchy and Scarcity
  11. Notes
  12. Conclusion: Transitions and Prospects
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