Spanish Vocabulary
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Spanish Vocabulary

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eBook - ePub

Spanish Vocabulary

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About This Book

Quick and easy reference to the essential vocabulary of the Spanish language as taught in courses from middle school through college or any online, self-taught or tutor-based learning. This durable six page laminated guide will last your entire student career and beyond, as well as any travels to Spanish speaking countries where it will not need to be charged and will take up no space in a backpack. Covering the framework of the language and organized by subjects used in Spanish courses, that also match word subject categories for travel, this is a serious study tool for support of students and a handy reference for world travelers. A best-selling guide for over 25 years, users agree this guide is a must-have to boost grades and test scores and to learn the second most widely spoken language by native speakers in the world.
6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Pronunciation
  • Number
  • Measurements
  • Clothes
  • Color
  • Bank
  • Greetings
  • Travel
  • Directions
  • Months of the Year
  • Days of the Week
  • Seasons
  • Time & Weather
  • Habitat & Living
  • The Family
  • Computer
  • People
  • Studies & School
  • Sports
  • Food & Restaurant
  • The Body
  • Health
  • Verbs
  • Common Adverbs & Adjectives

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Is it...? ¿Es eso?
How? ¿Cómo?
How many/much? ¿Cuánto?
What? ¿Qué?
When? ¿Cuándo?
Where? ¿Dónde?
Which? ¿Qué?
Which one? ¿Cuál?
Which ones? ¿Cuáles?
Who? ¿Quién?
Why? ¿Por qué?
not no
never jamás
no more no más
nothing nada
no one nadie
not at all de ningún modo
not too much no demasiado
not much no mucho
not enough no bastante
not often no a menudo
not yet no aún
-to be afraid tener miedo
-to be cold tener frío
-to be hungry tener hambre
-to be right tener razón
-to be sleepy tener sueño
-to be thirsty tener sed
-to be 20-years-old tener veinte años
-to be wrong no tener razón
-to take care tener cuidado
-to accept aceptar
-to admire admirar
-to advise aconsejar
-to allow autorizar
-to answer responder
-to arrive llegar
-to ask pedir
-to attend asistir a
-to be ser/estar
-to be able poder
-to be bored estar aburrido/a
-to be born nacer
-to become hacerse
-to begin empezar
-to believe creer
-to blush ruborizarse
-to borrow tomar prestado
-to break romper
-to breathe respirar
-to bring traer
-to brush cepillar
-to burn quemar
-to buy comprar
-to call llamar
-to calm calmar
-to check verificar
-to choose escoger
-to comb peinar
-to come venir
-to come back volver
-to come by pasar
-to come in entrar
-to compare comparar
-to continue continuar
-to cough toser
-to count contar
-to cry llorar
-to cut cortar
-to demand exigir
-to describe describir
-to destroy destruir
-to detest detestar
-to die morir
-to disappear desaparecer
-to disobey desobedecer
-to divorce divorciar
-to do/make hacer
-to draw dibujar
-to drink beber
-to dry off secar
-to eat comer
-to educate educar
-to erase borrar
-to examine examinar
-to ex...

Table of contents