French Vocabulary
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French Vocabulary

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eBook - ePub

French Vocabulary

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Packed with useful information for beginners of all ages.

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Is it…? Est-ce que…?
how comment
how many combien de
how much combien
what quoi
when quand
which quel(s)/quelle(s)
which one lequel/laquelle
which ones lesquels/lesquelles
who qui
why pourquoi
not ne…pas
never ne…jamais
no more ne…plus
nothing ne…rien
no one ne…personne
not at all ne…pas du tout
not too much ne…pas trop
not much ne…pas beaucoup
not enough ne…pas assez
not often ne…pas souvent
not yet ne…pas encore
to be afraid avoir peur
to be cold avoir froid
to be hot avoir chaud
to be hungry avoir faim
to be right avoir raison
to be sleepy avoir sommeil
to be thirsty avoir soif
to be 20 years old avoir vingt ans
to be wrong avoir tort
to have an ache avoir mal
to need avoir besoin de
to want avoir envie de
there is/are Il y a
there is not/are not Il n’y a pas (de)
to accept accepter
to admire admirer
to advise conseiller
to allow permettre
to answer répondre
to arrive arriver
to ask demander
to attend assister à
to be être
to be able to pouvoir
to be bored s’ennuyer
to be born naître
to become devenir
to begin commencer
to believe croire
to blush rougir
to borrow emprunter
to break casser
to breathe respirer
to bring apporter
to brush (se) brosser
to burn (se) brûler
to buy acheter
to call appeler
to calm calmer
to check vérifier
to choose choisir
to comb (se) p...

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