Designs from Linear Codes
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Designs from Linear Codes

Cunsheng Ding

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  1. 392 pages
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eBook - ePub

Designs from Linear Codes

Cunsheng Ding

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About This Book

This monograph aims to provide a well-rounded and detailed account of designs using linear codes. Most chapters of this monograph cover on the designs of linear codes. A few chapters deal with designs obtained from linear codes in other ways. Connections among ovals, hyperovals, maximal arcs, ovoids, linear codes and designs are also investigated. This book consists of both classical results on designs from linear codes and recent results yet published by others.

This monograph is intended to be a reference for postgraduates and researchers who work on combinatorics, or coding theory, or digital communications, or finite geometry.


  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Linear Codes over Finite Fields
  • Cyclic Codes over Finite Fields
  • Designs and Codes
  • Designs of Binary Reed-Muller Codes
  • Affine Invariant Codes and Their Designs
  • Weights in Some BCH Codes over GF( q )
  • Designs from Four Types of Linear Codes
  • Designs from Primitive BCH Codes
  • Designs from Codes with Regularity
  • Designs from QR and Self-Dual Codes
  • Designs from Arc and MDS Codes
  • Designs from Ovoid Codes
  • Quasi-Symmetric Designs from Bent Codes

Readership: Students and professionals working on combinatorics, or coding theory, or digital communications, or finite geometries.
Mechanics;Engineering Mechanics;Structural Engineering;Civil Engineering

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