Social Trading For Beginners:
eBook - ePub

Social Trading For Beginners:

How To Start Copying The Best Traders Today; Social Trading Dummies

Jimmy Putnik

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eBook - ePub

Social Trading For Beginners:

How To Start Copying The Best Traders Today; Social Trading Dummies

Jimmy Putnik

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About This Book

social trading has grown by over 150% in the past two years with sites like eToro gaining over 2 million users. Y

You can join in today and start making money just like the pros with no learning.

In this guide book we will go though: -

  • The best social trading platforms
  • How to choose a social trading platform
  • How to create your investors profile
  • How to choose the best traders: -

This is an interactive guide book designed for all social trading beginners, you will also learn other aspects like

  • managing your portfolio
  • how to deal with losing traders

get your copy of social trading for dummies and learn how the end of day trading as we know it has come.

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THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT part of this course, as an investor you need to carefully go through the trader’s portfolio and look at the checklist I will provide bellow to identify their trading style and how it fits in to your trading strategy. The traders profile includes important aspects like personal portfolio, stats, time on profile, their activity on the feed and how many people trust them by coping their trades.
From this point I will concentrate on etoro only click here to create your etoro account


  1. Time on platform since registration (account age)
The financial markets change a lot over time, there are bear markets, bull markets and flat markets. Traders with long-term results have enough data to see how they perform in different market conditions. A minimum of 6 months is recommended but a longer time is much safe. You will find young trading account making huge returns in the past month and after copying their trades they lose everything within a month.
The average holding time should be considered too
You don’t what to copy traders that only make one trade per month.
The average holding time should be considered too
You don’t what to copy traders that only make one trade per month.
  1. The number of copiers
The number of copiers signifies confidence in the trader, this is by no means a guarantee that the reader will not lose your money but if other factors in the checklist check out and the trader have significantly more copiers then this is a good sign.
  1. News feed activity.
The news feed section is where traders update their trading ideas and the reasoning behind the positions that they take and other updates concerning their accounts like additional investments and withdrawals. This helps you keep up with your copy sizing to maintain a balanced risk reward ratio.
  1. Personal Bio
This is where the traders write a brief bio about themselves, including information like, how long they have been trading, their risk appetite, their trading philosophy, their strategy and other relevant information.
  1. Traders stats
This is where you get graphical illustration of the trader’s monthly performance over the period they have been trading on eToro. You can tell how many months they ha...

Table of contents